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"Mommy - you are a very pwetty dolo (girl) and you take really really nice pictures." - Oliver



"I have been blessed to have Nikki and her camera capture some of the most precious memories of my little family's life since then. Whether she is shooting our first day as parents with our tiny newborn son or creatively grabbing the attention of five restless children at our sister's wedding, it is obvious that she cares just as much about these moments as we do." - Lindsey Rice

"Nikki McLaughlin is an extremely talented artist. Her images are bright, elegant, and timeless. Her eye for beautiful light is unbelievable and her ability to make you feel comfortable while taking your picture makes her images a reflection of your personality. However, Nikki's best asset is not her artistic eye, but her sweetness and professionalism. Nikki is cool and easy to work with." - Farlis Lewis

"Such fun. Thank you for going the distance with us. Thank you for recording the memories forever for us... trains, ferry boats, sand and crackers! I loved it!" - Karen Cowger

"Simply saying 'thank you' seems a bit inadequate. I adore these photos. No, I love these photos. No, I cherish these photos. And as time goes on, I will adore/love/cherish these photos even more. One day soon, Juliette's irresistibly chubby cheeks will give way to cheekbones. And Hudson's silly smiles will transition to an 'I'm too cool to smile' smile. I will have these photos to reflect back to this precious moment in time. And for that I 'thank you'" - Marisa Harding

"I am trying to think of the words to describe Nikki - incredible, amazing, uber-talented - nothing seems enough! We can't say enough wonderful things about working with Nikki. Her photography skills are incredible (to-die-for really) but her PERSONALITY and ability to make us feel SO comfortable in front of the camera is what we love most about Nikki - she is fun. she is silly. she is wonderful. Seven months later, I look at our wedding photos almost daily and am beyond thankful we have such perfect reminders of such a perfect day! Nikki (and her dad) go above and beyond every wish you could have." - Morgan Simon

"Nikki is absolutely amazing! She has a way of capturing stunning images while making you feel like you are simply spending time with a friend!
I recommend Nikki with my entire heart and soul." - Hannah Garcia

"Nikki - Thank you so much for everything! I had to look at the sneak peak photos for a looooonnngggg time! Every time I look at the ones between Sailor and Logan I just smiles and laugh! It was such a pleasure working with you - it was an incredibly happy day. Thank you for capturing it." - Joanne Rice