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1. Why the name OLIVERBLUE?
My son oliver had the most amazing big blue eyes when he was born. His great grandmother used to call him blueberry eyes. He was my inspiration for going after my dream of a photography career so I named my new business after him. Two years later, his blue eyes turned to green. Still just as gorgeous.

2. If you won a few million...?
I would give half to Lupus research. I would buy an old barn and convert it to the raddest photography studio ever. When not shooting portraits in (or out) of my super rad studio, I would travel europe and South America with my family by my side. And yes, I would buy a Range Rover - and an Airstream to pull behind it. Who wouldn't?

3. What is your photographic style?
honest. fun. storytelling.

4. How long is a typical portrait session?
Typically 45 minutes to one hour. I allow additional time for infant and toddler portraits as we are at the mercy of eating and sleeping ;)

5. When + Where do you like to shoot?
I try my best to take advantage of the most magical light of the day...early morning just after sunrise and a few hours before the sun sets (making it very important to start our session as scheduled). I have favorite locations hidden all over the greater Seattle area but i am a total sucker for brick and concrete backgrounds. I love industrial settings - Georgetown is hands down my favorite area to shoot in. I am also a bit obsessed with fields of long, golden grass + i have a soft spot for tall staircases. There are hidden gems all over

6. Do you have suggestions for what to wear to portrait and engagement sessions?
YES! I do not claim to be a fashionista - not even a little. But having had A LOT of clients wearing A LOT of different looks, I do have an opinion re: what can make a photo look extra fabulous! First and foremost, be comfortable! If you feel great in what you have on, you will enjoy your portrait session so much more!

Please don't be afraid to do the BRIGHT thing... I love a hodgepodge mix of super fun colors: deep orangey-red, kelly green, royal blue, navy blue, mustard yellow, seafoam green, and red are my faves. No need to be afraid of pattern: plaids, stripes, and dots - throw them together! Don't be afraid of contrast and layers: I truly believe in "the less matchy-matchy, the better" and "layers can be taken off and put back on to give a different look without much effort at all." Never underestimate the fun in accessories: scarves, hats, necklaces, headbands can sometimes make a photo pop even more.

DO BE AFRAID of Nascar t-shirts, solid white attire (unless you are a bride), Old Navy matching tees for the whole fam, disney character tees (yes, kids love them and they are wonderful but they do not make for the most timeless pictures...), and (so sorry folks) Birkenstocks with knee socks. For infant sessions, I love babies in a diaper or a plain white onesie. It is my humble opinion that the simpler the better for wee little ones. They are perfect as is... no dolling up needed!

I recommend the following places if you feel inclined to find fabulous new attire for your new portraits: Gap, Target, Anthropologie, Zara, Boden + Mini Boden, JCrew + Crewkids, H&M and Etsy.

7. When will I get my images back?
Portraits will be yours in 2-3 weeks. (Wedding package return time is 9-12 weeks.)

8. Do you shoot weddings alone or with a team?
I have a dream team! My dad (a super talented and rad photographer + one of my very best friends) shoots every wedding with me. We brought on a third shooter this year as well. When telling the story of such an incredible day, I say three cameras are way better than one! It is such a great way to make sure no detail is left unsnapped...all grounds are covered from several unique perspectives. It makes the end of the "work day" after party even that much more fun too! ;)

9. How do I book a wedding with you?
If you are engaged and think we may be a good match, lets get coffee and talk wedding! An engagement portrait session is a great way for me to get to know you as well. I require a signed agreement and a 30% deposit to book a wedding date.

10. Will you travel for weddings?
Of course! I would simply ask that you please get married in Venice, Barcelona or a winery in South America. ha!

11. What is your dream wedding to shoot?
I love shooting other creatives...weddings in which you can tell that the bride and her mom/sisters/friends scoured Pinterest/Etsy/Green Wedding Shoes for days and days and then got together every Saturday for weeks and weeks to CREATE in the name of the wedding details. There are so many amazing ways to re-use and resource to creatively make your wedding day YOURS... and I love to shoot those details!